2014 WMBA Fall BBQ : Meet, Greet & Eat Event

:!:  :!:  :!: Invoking the rain date based on the forecast! :!:  :!:  :!: 

 Meet and Greet is now Sunday 10/5. Same place, same time.

It is almost time for our third annual WMBA Meet & Greet held at the upper lot at Sprain Ridge Park. Same agenda as last year. We will ride eat and drink, all for free. Feel free to bring some items to throw on the grill if you want, and we’ll always be happy if someone brings a craft brew to taste test.

Hoping to meet some new faces and catch up with anyone we haven’t seen in a while.





Group Rides rulz

Mtn. biking is about community, and riding with your buds.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good group ride? We are trying to help promote these types of rides so please check out our events/calendar page for posted ride info, and check the Group Rides page if you want to suggest a ride or have a ride you are hosting and want it posted to our calendar.



2014 WMBA FTF – That’s a wrap, see you next year!

morning of the WMBA 2014 FTF just getting underway...

morning of the WMBA 2014 FTF just getting underway…

Well, the big event has come, and gone again for this year. It seems to happen so fast doesn’t it? The weather was superb, conditions and riding couldn’t be better, entertainment and food was top-notch, and the fun factor definitely went to 11 for this one.

Big thanks to the WMBA crew and all the volunteers who make this happen. (It doesn’t happen on it’s own you know.) Tremendous shout out to all the sponsors and bike co’s who without them, this fest wouldn’t be half as awesome as it is.

We’ll be updating pics and such at our photos page, as well as the Facebook page so keep in touch and keep being awesome.



Please respect the trail during MUD/THAW season… if you’re going to slide, don’t ride.

I know we’re all anxious to get back out there on the trails, but we ask to restrain yourselves for just a little bit until the trails fully dry and harden up after the thaw. Please see the article below for reference why we don’t ride muddy trails.



If your bike looks like below, you’re pretty much an asshole– Don’t be an asshole.